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The Green Deal is a unique Government led initiative designed to help householders and businesses increase the energy efficiency of their properties. In 2012, the UK wasted approximately £7 billion of energy and this is having a huge impact both economically and environmentally.


This scheme is unique in that customers are able to spread payments for some or all of the improvements through their energy bills instead using unsecured personal loans or seeking other finance.


Green Deal Aims to:

  • Improve the energy efficiency of the UK’s ageing building stock

  • Reduce carbon emissions

  • Reduce fuel poverty

  • Reduce householders’ energy bills


The Green Deal is currently being introduced in the UK and is set to largely deal in solid wall insulation. According to one of the leading manufacturer of solid wall materials Insulation 45% of your homes energy is lost through your walls. 45% is a large number, imagine that you can save 45% on your energy bills, suddenly insulation becomes very attractive.


Solid Wall insulation is desirable for most houses build pre 1920’s as the practice of building cavity walls only started then. Even though Britain suffered bomb damage during the 2nd world war we still have some of the oldest housing stock in Europe, so there are many houses still in need of modernising. Solid wall insulation has come a long way in the past 30 years and the materials used have very high energy saving efficiencies.


The Energy Saving Trust has released the following figures to demonstrate what you can expect to pay. A typical value is £9,400 to £13,000 for external solid wall insulation and you would expect to save up to £475 in heating costs per year. So, over a period of time homeowners would make back money spent plus have an energy efficient home which is essential especially in these current cold winter months!


The other point to remember is that the average cost of insulation is predicted to fall as up take increases, as happened within the solar industry. Also, with current stipulation of raising energy prices over the coming 25 years the return on investment could be sped up considerably.


Through current government funding available for homeowners, people have the chance of having their properties insulated for up to 100% cost free. No one in 2013 should be living in draughty un-insulated buildings but the fact of the matter is that millions of us do. The Green Deal is going to be an enormous opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people.

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